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Our goal is to introduce you to the many varied and talented songwriters living, working and writing in and around Austin, as well as artists from other locales. We believe that their music will enrich your life, and hope that you will spread the word about the writers and the songs you love.

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Every week our team of editors produce original content for Austin Songwriter and make it available to our subscribers. In depth interviews, video, artist profiles, fresh editorial, and curated playlists.

Austin Songwriter Series

Live interviews, intimate performances and podcasts showcasing great songwriters exclusively for Austin Songwriter and authentically Austin.

Songwriter Profiles

Our favorite songwriters who have paid their dues and earned their stripes. Many have Texas roots and many more have been impacted by the Austin music scene. It's a pretty long list, and it just keeps growing.

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Songwriter Playlists

In addition to the interviews and profiles, we introduce you to the hearts and souls of the artists through Austin Songwriter's carefully curated soundtracks. From primers to anthologies, these playlists reveal the one true thing in each artist.

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